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Tips for Use


To use, roll in, do not attempt to just insert by pushing straight as it is much easier to roll and rotate it when inserting. Make sure to use plenty of

water-based lubricant. While the G-spot Lollipop is completely nonporous and will not absorb lubricant, you will need it to easily insert and remove it. Once inserted, thrust slowly and then more vigorously once used to the amazing pressure it provides to the G-spot . You can also twist and rotate the G-spot Lollipop for different sensations.

Removing the G-spot Lollipop


Due to the unique design, a woman will need to carefully remove the

G-spot Lollipop, especially after having an orgasm as her pelvic floor

muscles (Kegel muscles) will tighten and hold onto the ball. Therefore, pulling

the ball out in a straight line is not something that is recommended.


The best way to remove the G-spot Lollipop is to rotate the ball by slowly spinning and rotating it. In rare cases, a woman may find that she has orgasmed so hard

that her Kegel muscles are holding on too tightly and that she is having a hard time pulling it out. In those cases, a warm bath will help relax the muscles to release it while spinning and rotating it.


DO NOT HEAT LOLLIPOP – (Balls are made Acrylic material and thus should not be boiled or heated in Microwave)

DO NOT FREEZE LOLLIPOP -(Balls are made Acrylic material and thus should not be frozen in the freezer/refrigerator.

Dr. Melissa Jones, Ph.D.

W W W . M J S E X O L O G I S T . C O M