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Double Pops

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Travel Pops

Holiday Special

Pink Passion
Wild Apple

The Double Pop


Ladies you’re getting two toys for the price of one.

The G-Spot Double pop is our # 1 selling pop! With this pop you can double the pleasure and double the fun with two different size balls. Pick the one you think fits you and once your body has mastered it, then step one size larger.


The orgasms are more intense as you step up in size and

the experience becomes unbelievable with continual g-spot orgasms. Just wait until you feel it! It was designed to be able

to reach anyone’s g-spot.

Small Lollipop:  1.5 / 1.75

Medium Lollipop:  1.75 / 2.0

Purple Passion
Orange Crem'e
Pink Passion
Wild Apple

The J-Pop


With an exclusive design available nowhere

else. Ladies this is for you to use on yourself if the loved one is missing or not available. Two sizes to choose from. Choose the size you can handle and step up one size larger.


This pop allows you to insert the pop and push outwards into the g-spot and then add the Large external vibrator and enjoy.


Small Lollipop:  1.5 / 1.75

Medium Lollipop:  1.75 / 2.0

Purple Passion
Orange Crem'e

The Travel Pop


Pleasure in the palm of your hand! Besides being small, portable, light weight, smooth, and easy to use. This compact lollipop will deliver tremendous G-Spot orgasms.


So, once again this little toy is proof positive that sometimes the best things come in small packages! Go get your G-spot Girls!!!


Small Lollipop:     1.5

Medium Lollipop: 1.75

Large Lollipop:     2.0

*   Lollipop sizes are measured

     inches in diameter.

May I pay by check or money order?


Yes. Make check or money order payable to G-Spot Lollipop LLC. Pay in $US DOLLARS ONLY. Non-USA customers may mail a bank check in US Dollars or an international money order payable in U.S. Funds only.  No other currencies will be accepted. Personal checks will be deposited electronically  and products shipped 10 business days (2 weeks) after the checks are deposited. Money orders and bank checks will be deposited through our bank and will be shipped within 2 days of receiving those checks. Bounced checks will be billed your state’s allotted fee (usually $15-$35).

The Original “G-spot Lollipop” TM


Thank you for your advanced order request for our holiday special. You will be receiving a PayPal payment receipt shortly after pre-payment is confirmed. Your total will be $69.99 plus $9.00 shipping and handling ($78.99 total)


Upon payment verification your shipment will be sent November, 29 2013 via USPS priority mail.

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